Our main product, reflective yarn, is processed to sewing thread, webbing tape, shoelace, textile, etc. It can be applied to various items such as shoes, clothes, bags. Not only for fashion, it is also getting spotlight as an essential item for personal safety. Moreover, it has been selected as a new material to maximize fashion beauty. In particular, we have developed sewing thread and embroidery which overcome physical limitation and can be applied to various items such as hats, shoes, bags, etc.

In addition to the silver color, we have prepared reflective yarn with various colors in order to expand the range of your choice. All the employees in Koryarn will be your reliable partner with advanced development ability, diverse product line and the best quality and delivery date. We will continue to provide a guidance and  do our best for our customers.

                                                                                                                                     CEO Shinsik Jeong

Company History


Bright Korea takeover


Koryarn Establishment

Producement of Reflective Yarn


Development of Mono Filament Reflective Yarn


Patent for Mono Filament Reflective Yarn


Development of Color Reflective Yarn


Launching Reflective Sewing thread & Embroidery


Launching Reflective Zippers (Coil/Plastic/Metal)


Launching Reflective Knitting

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